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Friday, 8 November 2019

Session Collaboration - VMware Horizon Feature

With the Session Collaboration feature, users can invite other users to join an existing Windows remote desktop session. This feature was Introduced in Horizon 7.4


Users cannot use the following remote desktop features in a collaborative session.
  1. USB redirection
  2. Real-Time Audio-Video (RTAV)
  3. Multimedia redirection
  4. Client drive redirection
  5. Smart card redirection
  6. Virtual printing
  7. Microsoft Lync redirection
  8. File redirection and Keep in Dock functionality
  9. Clipboard redirection
  10. Users cannot change the remote desktop resolution in a collaborative session.
  11. Users cannot have multiple collaboration sessions on the same client machine.
How to Configure it
1. Enable the Session Collaboration Feature:-
    • Enable through Desktop Pool Properties or
    • Enable through RDS Farm Properties or
    • Through GPO.
Through Desktop Pool Properties
Through GPO
2.  Connect with the VDI Desktop

3. Send the Invite to the Desired User
Notification Area > Click on  Session Collaboration Icon > Search for the User

 Click on Copy Link (You will get two more option in your environment IM and Email)

Paste this Link and Share with this viewuserb

4. Login with viewuserb on any Network Machine > Open this Invite Link > Enter the Credential of viewuserb to connect with this session > As soon as it is joined by viewuserb, on the source machine you will see status will be changed to "Joined"

But by default viewuserb can only see the what source is presenting, there will be no control on this machine (You cannot use keyboard and Mouse in this session by default)

To Provide the Control to Collaborators, Make this change:-
Notification Area > Session Collaboration Icon > Use this toggle switch on enable Remote Control
Note: To Disable Remote Control Use Double Clock on Press any Key

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