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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Disable and Change the default behaviour of Esxi and Active Directory Integration

As soon as domain is joined by the esxi then if in your active directory a group called "ESX Admins" is present then whatever the users are their in this group will automatically get the administrative rights on the esxi. So i am going to tell all of you how you can change this default behaviour that's given in this picture and You can even completely disable this functionality by setting the option  Config.HostAgent.plugins.hostsvc.esxAdminsGroupAutoAddto false.
Removing the Administrator role from the group is initially successful, but rebooting the ESX/ESXi host grants the Administrative role again to the group if you will remove this group from esxi by directly connecting it. So the best practice is to change it to no access rather than removing it.
Hope this is Helpful for Everyone......Enjoy

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Enable/Size/Disable memory compression cache

Memory compression is used to improve VM performance when you have memory overcommitment and is enabled by default.  ESXi will attempt to compress memory pages that can be sized down to 2kb.  By default, ESXi will use 10% of the allocated memory to the VMs on the host for memory caching, but can be changed using the advanced options below.
Must modify host advanced settings – Mem.MemZipEnable = 1 – enable or disable memory caching.
Must modify host Advanced Settings – Mem.MemZipMaxPct = (value specified in percentage between 5 and 100)