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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Unable to Power on VM in vCenter 6 - A general system error occurred: Connection refused

Today when i was trying to power on one of my VM in vSphere 6 Environment it's getting failed with message "A general system error occurred: Connection refused".

Then i tried to power on this VM by directly connecting with my ESXi Host from vSphere Client and i was able to power on my vm then question was why i cannot start the same VM if i am connected with my ESXi host through vCenter. Then i found a KB article from VMware on How to start/stop the services in vCenter Server Appliance Version 6.

VMware vCenter Workflow Manager Service was Stopped.
1. To get in to vCSA 6.0 Shell
    (a). I accessed my  vCSA 6.0 through Putty
    (b). Then to enable BASH access i executed this command
           shell.set --enabled True
    (c) Then to Launch BASH i executed this command

service-control --status vmware-vpx-workflow

Start the VMware vCenter Workflow Manager Service

service-control --start vmware-vpx-workflow

 After this i tried to Power On the VM again and i was able to power it on.

vCenter Server Appliance services:-

Service NameDescription
applmgmtVMware Appliance Management Service
vmware-cis-licenseVMware License Service
vmware-cmVMware Component Manager
vmware-eamVMware ESX Agent Manager
vmware-sts-idmdVMware Identity Management Service
vmware-invsvcVMware Inventory Service
vmware-mbcsVMware Message Bus Configuration Service
vmware-netdumperVMware vSphere ESXi Dump Collector
vmware-perfchartsVMware Performance Charts
vmware-rbd-watchdogVMware vSphere Auto Deploy Waiter
vmware-rhttpproxyVMware HTTP Reverse Proxy
vmware-scaVMware Service Control Agent
vmware-spsVMware vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service
vmware-stsdVMware Security Token Service
vmware-syslogVMware Common Logging Service
vmware-syslog-healthVMware Syslog Health Service
vmware-vapi-endpointVMware vAPI Endpoint
vmware-vdcsVMware Content Library Service
vmafddVMware Authentication Framework
vmcadVMware Certificate Service
vmdirdVMware Directory Service
vmware-vpostgresVMware Postgres
vmware-vpx-workflowVMware vCenter Workflow Manager
vmware-vpxdVMware vCenter Server
vmware-vsmVMware vService Manager
vsphere-clientvSphere Web Client
vmware-vwsVMware System and Hardware Health Manager