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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Request is IN PROGRESS in vCAC 6.2 - How to delete it?

In vCAC (or vRealize Automation now), many requests were blocked in status “In Progress” since few weeks or months!

In this POST i will discuss how to delete or clean up those IN PROGRESS request. Here i will demonstrate how to delete them from database.

In this Example the Request Number is 6. In my case i took the screenshot after deleting the request 6 so you will not get the visibility of request number 6 in below given screenshot. But this is the place where you can check the request information.

1. Connect with vCAC/vRA appliance through SSH client like Putty
2. Go to the bin directory of vPostgres
cd /opt/vmware/vpostgres/9.2/bin/·

 3. Connect to the vcac database with the username”vcac”

4.  To Get the request ID of request number 6
SELECT id,requestnumber FROM cat_request where state=’IN_PROGRESS’ and requestnumber = 'RequestNum';

5. Then Execute this command:-
delete from cat_requestevent_details where requestevent_id in(select id from cat_requestevent where request_id =''); 

The return can be 0.

6. Execute this Command
delete from cat_requestevent where request_id = ”;

The return will be 3. 

7.  Now execute this Command
delete from cat_request where id =’ID’;

The return will be 1.
8. Finally exit from psql by using this command
\q and Press Enter

Now refresh your web browser and request will now no more there. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining IN PROGRESS requests.