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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How to Integrate vROPS 6.0 Badges in vRA 6.2?

One of the new features of vRealize Automation is the ability to pull metrics from vRealize Operations. These metrics can be used to display the health badges of VM’s in the vRA portal as well as provide information on what VM’s you may want to send a reclamation request for. Configuration steps are pretty easy.

1. Install vRA 6.2
2. Install vROPS 6.0
3. Now login as tenant admin at vRA Self Service Portal and Configure vROPS Details
Administration tab > Tenant Machines > Metrics Provider Configuration  

4. Once Configured then as an tenant admin whenever you will try to reclaim VM then you can notice badge color to know the health status of the VM and this is helpful in the decision making whether to reclaim that VM or not

5. As an Owner of the VM you can go the the VM details and view the health status of the VM