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Sunday, 22 July 2012

.VSWP File Size

In every VM .vswp file gets created as soon as you will power on the vm and it's deleted as soon as you will power off the vm. The size of this file depends upon two factors:-
1.)  Allocated Memory
2.)  Reserved Memory

Formula for calculating the .vswp file size:-
Allocated Memory - Reserved Memory

Let's Assume Allocated Memory is 1GB and Reserved Memory is also 1GB in this case the size of .vswp file will be 0. The size of this file will be automatically increased as soon as you reduce the reservation but it is not decreased as soon as you will increase the reservation of a vm memory. But if it is increased it is not reflected in the storage views tab it is only reflected by Browsing that datastore where vm file are stored. Check this attached Screenshot:-