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Friday, 24 August 2012

vMA5 vi-admin Password Complexity Issue

In vMA5 you won't be able to set the password for the vi-admin unless and until your password is complex. I spent approx. 30 Minutes to assign the password to vi-admin account. Here is screenshoot of errors that i was getting at that time.

Then i configured Axtm123!# as the password then as soon as my vMA appliance was booted i logged in here by using vi-admin as the username and Axtm123!# as the password and this command is executed by me:
                                   sudo passwd vi-admin
then type old password that is Axtm123!#  and then new password vmware@123  is configured by me the only message is you will get it is based on the dictionary word but it will accept it. This is what the solution in my lab environment but try this only in your lab environment not in production environment.