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Sunday, 23 November 2014

How to Add Approval Levels in vCAC Approval Policies

Everywhere approval procedure is like this:-
Once request is approved by Level 1 it should go to Level 2  and once approved by Level 2  it should go to Level 3. Once Provisioning request or any other request is  approved by all the different Levels then only action should be taken but once rejected by Level 1  then rejection should be sent to User who requested this and it should not go further to any other Level now how you can achieve this in vCAC i will demonstrate this here

1. Login with the Tenant admin > Create the New Approval Policy. In this demo i will show you the settings of that policy that was already created by me

Note:- You cannot add or modify levels once the policy is created then to modify it the only solution is to copy it.

2.  I clicked on the edit button on my "Test Policy" . These are the two levels that i added  with the same set of conditions but with the different approval admins for example in Level 1 approval admin is approval admin 1 and in Level 2 approval admin is approval admin 2.

3. Then i clicked on each level and this is how my each level was configured by me

4. Now Use this policy with your Catalog Entitlement and see how it works

Here demo is Completed. Feel free to contact me if you have any doubt and don't forget to share it if it is helpful because sharing is caring :)