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Thursday, 12 February 2015

VMware vRealize Orchestrator security overview (1011305)


This article provides an overview of security used in VMware vRealize Orchestrator (formerly known as VMware vCenter Orchestrator).


Security in vRealize Orchestrator (formerly known as vCenter Orchestrator) observes the following:
  • By default, any user belonging to the Administration group has full access to all elements.
  • Permissions may be of the following types:

    Security ModelPermissions
    No accessElement is not displayed
    ViewElement can viewed
    ExecuteElement can be executed
    InspectElement displays workflow schema and source code
    EditElement can be edited
    AdminPermissions may be changed on the element
  • If no permission is set for an element, the parent permission is inherited.
  • Permissions are assigned to LDAP users or groups.
  • Users permissions are checked prior to groups.
  • To add a permission to an element:

    Note: The element must be in Edit mode.

    1. Click the Permission tab.
    2. Click Add access rights.
    3. Click the desired permission types.
    4. Click the group or user.
    5. Click Save and Close.

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