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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

All Flash Configuration Utility for VSAN 6.0

As we all know with VSAN 6.0 one can create two type of disk groups 1. Hybrid Disk Groups
2. All Flash Disk Group
For All Flash Disk groups we need to setup Cache Tier and Capacity Tier means we have to tag the SSD's those we want to use for Capacity Tier as Capacity Disk

Methods for Tagging SSD as Capacity Disk
1. RVC
3. All flash configuration Utility. Download link
But using RVC and ESXCLI for tagging SSDs as capacity disk on 64 node cluster is tedious job for the administrator but with All flash configuration Utility this can be done with just few clicks. Now let me explain how this can be used

1. Launch this utility and provide vcenter and esxi host credential > click on Connect

2. Once connected select hosts where you want to set this flag. Remember this will only list the hosts those are the member of VSAN cluster > click on Select button.

3. Select the SSDs where this flag is needed > click on Set Capacity Flash button

You Guys can check these links if you want to know how RVC and ESXCLI can be used for this configuration