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Sunday, 8 May 2016

How to create Converged Single Machine Blueprint in vRA7

Blueprint is complete machine specification that provides on demand service to users. A Blueprint defines following:-
  • Resources
  • Attributes
  • Policies & 
  • The method of provisioning the new service

Basic Blueprint Types:-
1. Single Machine Blueprint = That contains single machine
2. Multi Machine Blueprint = That contains multiple machines
3. Service Blueprint = That contains one or more machines includes advanced configuration to deploy the service.

Converged Blueprint:-
The converged blueprint designer is a single designer for all blueprint authoring. Blueprints are built on a dynamic drag-and-drop design canvas, enabling architects to select any supported components, drag them to the canvas, build dependencies, and publish the finished blueprint to the catalog. The supported components include machine shells for all the supported platforms, software components, existing networks, networks provided by VMware NSX, XaaS components, and other blueprints that are already published.

Procedure to Create Converged Single Machine Blueprint:-
1. Login with Blueprint Architect Rule User > Design Tab > Blueprints > Click on +New > Provide the required details > Click Ok

2. Drag vSphere Machine and drop it in Design Canvas > Provide General Information

3.  Provide the required details in Build Information Tab

3. Provide the required detais in Machine Resources Tab

4.  Drag the Networking and Security Component in Design Canvas > Provide the required details > Click on Finish

5. Select the vSphere Machine Component in Design Canvas > Networking Tab > Add the Networking details

6. Select the Blueprint > Click on Publish Button

Introduction to Converged Blueprints in VMware vRA 7:-


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