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Monday, 6 March 2017 useful info

As we know for executing ESXCLI command on esxi host directly or through vCenter we need vMA to trust ESXi Host certificates. For adding this trust we need to add esxi host certificate at vMA but sometimes when wrong entry is added then we want to delete this entry. In this post i will share how we can use some parameters with this perl script to add, list or remove some enteries:-

Add ESXi Thumbprint
/usr/lib/vmware-vcli/apps/general/ remove --server esxifqdn --thumbprint thumbprintvalue

To list credstore enteries:-
/usr/lib/vmware-vcli/apps/general/ list

To remove wrong entry:-
/usr/lib/vmware-vcli/apps/general/ remove --server esxifqdn --thumbprint

To clear all entries from vMA Credstore:-
/usr/lib/vmware-vcli/apps/general/ clear

To get details on how to use this :-
/usr/lib/vmware-vcli/apps/general/ help