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Friday, 16 June 2017

vCSA 6.5 a.k.a vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 Restore From Backup Step by Step

In my previous post i have discussed about how to take vCSA 6.5 a.k.a vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 Backup Step by Step. Now lets discuss the restore from this backup step by step.

Procedure to Restore the Backup
1. Launch the Restore screen by executing the installer.exe of vCenter Server Appliance Deployment Media > Click on Restore

2. Stage 1 will be started and this will deploy the new vCenter Server Appliance > Click on Next

3. Accept the License Agreement > Click on Next

4. Provide the Location of backup and authentication details > Click on Next

5. Review the Information > Click on Next

6. Specify Target ESXi Details where this appliance will be deployed > Click on Next

7. Click on Yes

8. Specify new vCenter Server Appliance VM Name and Root account Password > Click on Next

9. Specify the Deployment Size > Click on Next

10. Select Datastore and Provisioning Method as Needed > Click on Next

11. Specify the IP for your vCenter Server Appliance (It is not possible to use same IP, if same IP vCenter is still active) > Click on Next

12. Click on Finish

13. This will start the deployment of the appliance

14. Once deployment is completed. Click on Continue to start the Stage 2

15. Click on Next

16. Click on Next

17. Click on Finish

18. Click on OK

19. This will now begin the restore process

20. Once Restore is Completed Successfully. You can start using new vCenter Server Appliance.