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Sunday, 24 March 2019

NSX-T 2.2 - Configuring ECMP in Tier-0 Logical Router

Equal cost multi-path (ECMP) routing protocol increases the north and south communication bandwidth by adding an uplink to the tier-0 logical router and configure it for each Edge node in an NSX Edge cluster. The ECMP routing paths are used to load balance traffic and provide fault tolerance for failed paths.

ECMP paths are automatically created from the VMs attached to logical switches to the Edge nodes on which the tier-0 logical router is instantiated. A maximum of eight ECMP paths are supported.

Note:- ECMP cannot be enabled when BGP is enabled. You Must DISABLE BGP First to Enable ECMP.

How to Enable ECMP
1. Login to NSX Manager UI

2. Routing > Routers > Select Tier-0 Router > Routing > BGP > Edit > Disable BGP First (If Enabled) > Save it >  Click on Edit again > Toggle Status to Enabled > Toggle ECMP to Enabled > Save it.

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