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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

NSX-T 2.2 Understanding Traceflow

Use Traceflow to inspect the path of a packet as it travels from one logical port on the logical network to another logical port on the same network. Traceflow traces the transport node-level path of a packet injected at a logical port. The trace packet traverses the logical switch overlay, but is not visible to interfaces attached to the logical switch. In other words, no packet is actually delivered to the test packet’s intended recipients. This is one of troubleshooting tool to check where the packet is getting dropped.

Traceflow Traffic Types

Credit : VMware Docs
How to Use Traceflow
1. Login to NSX Manager UI

2.  Tools  > Traceflow > Unicast > Configure Source and Target > Trace

3. Once trace is completed, you can view the results. In this example i was tracing the connectivity between two VMs where one is on ESXi and another is on KVM

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