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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

VMware vROPS 7.5 - New Solutions Repository page

vROPS 7.5 has brand new Solutions Repository page to enable/disable Solutions and Configuring the Solutions Adapter Instances.
Native Management Packs Options
  • Activate = Installs the Management Pack
  • Deactivate = Uninstalls the Management Pack
  • Activated = Management Pack has been installed
Check the below given screenshot, you will find all three options

Installation of Management Pack in vROPS 7.5
There are two sections in vROPS 7.5 Solutions:-
  • Repository = To Install/Uninstall the Solutions
  • Configuration = To Configure the Solution Adapter Instances

1. Administration Page > Repository> Add a Management Pack

2. Browse the .pak file of your Solution > Configure the remaining options as desired > Click on Upload (It will take few minutes to upload) > Once Upload is completed click on Next

3. Accept EULA > Next

4.  Once Solution is installed > Click on Finish

5.  As you can see it is listed under other management packs

6. Notice the data collection state of the solution from Solutions Page

Configuring Native Management Packs in vROPS 7.5
1. Administration Page > Configuration under solutions > select solution > click on Gear Icon

Click  on Plus > Provide required details for adapter instance > Test Connection > Save Settings > Close

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