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Thursday, 12 September 2019

VMware vROPS 7.5 - What's New - Metric Correlation Feature

Starting from vROPS 7.5 now you can use metric correlation feature. What is it, what it can do.....right this is what you want to know?

Basically this feature checks same trend in other metrics of either:-
  1. All Self Metrics = In this it checks same trend in other metrics of same object. If it is there it will report those metrics too. By default it shows 10 results only but you can scroll down and click on Show More to get more results if any result is there. 
  2. Selected Metric of all Peers = Peers means same type of object under same parent. It will check is there any other object of same type under same parent has same trend for the same metric which we have selected? If yes, it will report those objects too.

All Self Metrics
1. Select Particular Object > All Metrics > Add Particular Metric to display Metric Chart  > Click on Icon in Right Corner of the Chart > Correlation > All Self Metrics

2. It will other correlated Metrics of the same object. These are Non-Instanced Metrics. You can pin these metrics to add them in to Metric Chart Area.

Selected Metric of all Peers
If you will select under correlation > Selected Metric of all Peers > It will show same trend in other objects for the same metric.

This feature can help you a lot while Troubleshooting.

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