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Friday, 7 September 2012

Availability of vSphere Client for Linux systems


This article provides information about the availability of the vSphere Client for Linux systems.


The vSphere Client is only available for Windows systems and it is not available for Linux systems.
In vCenter Server 4.x, vSphere Web Access, a subset of vSphere Client functionality, can be used from Linux systems. For more information about vSphere Web Access, see the vSphere Web Access Administrator's Guide.
In vCenter Server 5.0, the vSphere Web Client can be used from Linux platforms as well. The vSphere Web Client includes a subset of the functions available in the vSphere Client.
This table provides a comparison of the two clients:
vSphere Client
vSphere Web Client
For infrastructure configuration and day-to-day operationsFor day-to-day operations
Locally-installed applicationWeb application
Runs only on WindowsCross-platform
Can connect to vCenter Server or directly to hostsCan connect only to vCenter Server
Full range of administrative functionalitySubset of full functionality, focused on virtual machine deployment and basic monitoring functions. Cannot configure hosts, clusters, networks, datastores, or datastore clusters.
Users: Virtual infrastructure administrators for specialized functionsUsers: Virtual infrastructure administrators, help desk, network operations center operators, virtual machine owners.