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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Name of NFS Datastore within Same Datacenter ESXi Hosts and Across Datacenters Hosts

I have two ESXi hosts in Same Datacenter and One of ESXi host NFS share is mounted as the Datastore with a particular name like this

Then try to mount the same NFS share as an Datastore with another name on another ESXi Host like this

But Once it is created it shows the old name like this
So it is because both the hosts are in the same datacenter but if these hosts are in different datacenter then you can create them with different name like this

Finally this is the datastore name if both the ESXi hosts are located in the different datacenter

When you mount the same NFS volume on different hosts, make sure that the server and folder names are identical across the hosts. If the names do not match exactly, the hosts see the same NFS volume as two different datastores. This might result in a failure of such features as vMotion.