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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Change vNUMA Settings

By default, vNUMA is enabled only for virtual machines with more than eight vCPUs. This feature can
be enabled for smaller virtual machines, however, by adding to the .vmx file the line:

numa.vcpu.maxPerVirtualNode =  X
(where  X is the number of vCPUs per vNUMA node).

        Some multi-core processors have  NUMA node sizes that are different than the number of cores
per socket. For example, some 12- core processors have two six- core NUMA nodes per processor.

         This change can be made through the vSphere Client:
1 Select the virtual machine you  wish to change, then click Edit virtual machine settings.

2 Under the  Options tab, select  General, then click  Configuration Parameters .

3 Look for numa.vcpu.maxPerVirtualNode. If it’s not present, click  Add Row and enter the new

4 Click on the value to be changed and configure it as you wish.