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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How To Configure ESXi Shell Timeout

The ESXi Shell timeout setting specifies how long, in minutes, you can leave an unused session open. By default, the timeout for the ESXi Shell is 0, which means the session remains open even if it is unused. If you change the timeout, for example, to 30 minutes, you have to log in again after the timeout period has elapsed.
     First Method:-
To modify the ESXi Shell Timeout:
1.      In the Direct Console, follow these steps.
2.      Select Modify ESXi Shell timeout and press Enter.
3.      Enter the timeout value in minutes and press Enter.
Second Method:-
In the vSphere Client, follow these steps:
1.      In the Configuration tab’s Software panel, click Advanced Settings.
2.      In the left panel, click UserVars.
3.      Find UserVars.ESXiShellTimeOut and enter the timeout value in minutes.
4.      Click OK.