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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Use Cases for PVLAN

3 Types of Private VLANs
There are 3 types of PVLANs configurable in a vSphere 5 environment. These include:
  1. Promiscuous (Primary) – Can communicate with all interfaces in the VLAN. It is the primary PVLAN and is by default the first created. Only 1 promiscuous PVLAN per VLAN can be present at any given time. Routers are typically associated with promiscuous ports.
  2. Isolated (Secondary) – Can communicate only with the promiscuous port not with other clients on the same PVLAN. A common use cases for  isolated PVLANs include an ISP’s DMZ.
  3. Community (Secondary) - Can communicate with other clients on the same VLAN and the promiscuous port. Commonly used in DVI environments.