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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Commands with an esxcfg Prefix in VMware

For many of the vCLI commands, you might have used scripts with corresponding service console commands starting with an esxcfg prefix to manage ESX 3.x hosts. To facilitate easy migration from ESX/ESXi 3.x to later versions of ESXi, the vCLI package includes a copy of each vicfg- command that uses an esxcfg- prefix.

Important VMware recommends that you use ESXCLI or the vCLI commands with the vicfg prefix. Commands with the esxcfg prefix are available mainly for compatibility reasons and might become obsolete.
vCLI esxcfg- commands are equivalent to vicfg- commands, but not completely equivalent to the deprecated esxcfg- service console commands.
Commands with an esxcfg Prefix lists all vCLI commands for which a vCLI command with an esxcfg prefix is available.
Commands with an esxcfg Prefix