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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Removing a VMware Virtual SAN-enabled cluster and detaching the VMware ESXi host from the cluster (2072347)


Adding the ESXi host to a new vSphere cluster may fail with this error:

"The vsan-enabled host might not be moved to its destination : destination cluster vim.clusterComputeResource:domain-c2135 is disabled"


This article provides information on:
  • removing and decommissioning a VMware Virtual SAN-enabled cluster
  • removing the ESXi host from the cluster and also detaching the disks used for Virtual SAN.


This issue occurs if the ESXi host is removed without first detaching the disk and removing the host from the vSAN cluster.


To resolve this issue, you must prepare disabling on the VSAN cluster. 

To prepare disabling on the VSAN cluster: 
  1. Login to each ESXi host.
  2. To obtain information about the VSAN storage, run this command:

    # esxcli vsan storage list

  3. To disable automated mode, run this command:

    # esxcli vsan storage automode set --enabled false

  4. To remove the specific SSD disk used in VSAN configuration, run this command:

    # esxcli vsan storage remove -s [SSD-DEVICE-ID]

  5. To obtain information about the VSAN cluster for the ESXi host, run this command:

    # esxcli vsan cluster get

    Cluster Information
    Enabled: true
    Current Local Time: 2014-02-11T17:44:23Z
    Local Node UUID: 52b1c2e5-d99e-3c5e-1f5c-0025b5010a01
    Local Node State: MASTER
    Local Node Health State: HEALTHY
    Sub-Cluster Master UUID: 52b1c2e5-d99e-3c5e-1f5c-0025b5010a01
    Sub-Cluster Backup UUID:
    Sub-Cluster UUID: 523d154a-3198-d9bb-2829-bf1e4b8cf1b0
    Sub-Cluster Membership Entry Revision: 0
    Sub-Cluster Member UUIDs: 52b1c2e5-d99e-3c5e-1f5c-0025b5010a01
    Sub-Cluster Membership UUID: 7d41fa52-dcbd-06b8-6b99-0025b5010a01

  6. To disconnect the host from the VSAN cluster, run this command: 

    # esxcli vsan cluster leave

  7. To find any left-over configuration, run this command: 

    # esxcli vsan cluster get

    Note: The command should not return anything if VSAN cluster information gets removed. You can also verify that the vsanDatastore will disappear from the Configuration > Storage option, too. 

  8. From the Hosts tab of the cluster, ensure no ESXi host is part of the VSAN cluster. Once you have confirmed this, right-click on the cluster and click Remove. 

You can now add the ESXi host to any other non-VSAN cluster.