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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

VMware Horizon VIew Cloud Pod Architecture

This diagram is of traditional view environments, in this example each pod is independent entity and must be managed separately. In this example each pod has its own locally managed entitlements

You can create the Pod federation between two pods, view administrators can manage all the pods as single entity through Global data layer and they can share Pod topologies, policies and desktop and application entitlements. View Connection Servers in the Pod federation communicates with each other through VIPA (View interpod API)

When You Initialize the Cloud POD architecture feature, view places all the pods in the single site called default-first-site and you can change the name of the site like in the diagram site name is not default-first-site, it is Site 1

In this next example Pod federation is configured across the sites where for example site 2 is home site of the user and site 1 is site where the user is connected as user is roaming around the world and due to some office projects he is not in his home site but user will get the desktops from his home site.
Note: This policy can be changed and user can get the desktops also from the same site where he is connected.

If within the same site one of the Pod is failed then user can get the desktops from the other Pod of the same site

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