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Friday, 26 May 2017

vSphere VM Connected to Unknown Network - Issue Resolved

A vSphere Administrator reports that its VM is connected with Unknown Network but cannot figure it out "How this VM is connected with Unknown or Extra Network". Let's discuss this situation when this can happen. As we know, whenever the snapshot is created many states of a VM gets captured. One of state is VM settings state. Settings State means all configuration settings of that VM gets captured. Lets take the example:- I have VM configured with two NICs (one connected to one portgroup and another one connected to another portgroup) gets captured in the snapshot. After taking the snapshot if you have deleted one of NIC, under the networks tab of the VM it will still show you two portgroups name. That's were the problem starts for the vSphere Admins. Now to get rid from this network you have to delete the snapshot. I am going to demonstrate the same scenario here:

1. I have VM with two NICs, connected with different portgroups

2. I took the snapshot of this VM

3. Then i have deleted one of the NIC

4. In my VM networks tab, there are still two portgroups. However my VM has one NIC only now

5. Now to get rid from this extra network i have deleted my VM snapshot

6. Now check the VM networks tab and only portgroup is listed

Demo Completed!!!!!