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Monday, 8 May 2017

What's new in Vembu 3.7 BDR Suite

With Vembu, one can protect VMware, Hyper-V and Physical Server (Windows Servers and Desktops). These are the enhancements made in this product.

Download Vembu BDR Suite from here

1. Support for vSpere 6.5 in Production Environments.
2. New UI, that's user friendly and Rich in Performance Experience.
3. To ensure th enhanced performance for the customers, database will be replaced with vPostgres DB from Mango DB and MySql DB after version Vembu BDR Suit 3.7.
4. Multi-tenancy support available with Vembu BDR Suite and Vembu Offsite Backup
5. Free Edition is supported now, customers can now use limited features of product after Trial Period.

Major features in Vembu BDR Suite those are nowadays needed in backup solutions are supported by Vembu too, here is the list of those features:-
1. Agentless VMware Backup and Replication
2. Agentless Microsoft Hyper-V Backup with Changed Block Tracking Incremental.
3. Specific File and Folder Level Restore from Image Level Backups
4. VM recovery on same of difference host in case of major disaster.
5. The entire crashed physical system can be restored to same hardware or new RAW hardware by using Vembu Recovery CD.
6. The replicated VMware VMs from the target hosts can be instantly failover on target host during VM crash. Also, it can be failbacked to the source ESXi host at anytime.
7. Automatic Verifiication of Backups
8. Restore of specific Disk, Instead of recovering complete VM.
9. Enhanced GFS Retention Policies

To upgrade Vembu BDR v3.1.0 , v3.1.1 & V3.1.2 backup server to v3.7, you need to upgrade them to v3.5 and then upgrade it to v3.6 and finally to v3.7.

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