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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Configuring Virtual Switch VLAN Tagging (VST) mode on a vNetwork Distributed Switch (1010778)


This article describes the concept and configuration of VST mode on dvPortGroup.


Note: For additional information on dvPortGroup configuration, see vNetwork Distributed PortGroup (dvPortGroup) configuration (1010593).
Set the physical port connection between ESX and physical switch to TRUNK mode. ESX only supports IEEE 802.1Q (dot1q) trunking.
VLAN configuration is required on ESX side. Define ESX VLANs on the physical switch. Set ESX dvPortgroup to belong to a certain VLAN ID.
Caution: Native VLAN ID on ESX VST Mode is not supported. Do not assign a VLAN to a portgroup that is the same as the native VLAN ID of the physical switch.
Native VLAN packets are not tagged with VLAN ID on the out going traffic toward ESX host. Therefore, if ESX is set VST mode, it drops the packets that are lacking a VLAN tag.
To configure VST on dvPortGroup:
  1. In vCenter, go to Home > Inventory > Networking.
  2. Right-click dvPortGroup and click Edit Settings.
  3. Under dvPortGroup > Settings > VLAN > Policies, set the VLAN type to VLAN.
  4. Select a VLAN ID between 1- 4094

    Note: Do not use VLAN ID 4095.
  5. Click OK.