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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Restarting the Management agents on an ESXi or ESX host (1003490)


  • Cannot connect ESX/ESXi to VirtualCenter / vCenter Server
  • Cannot connect directly to the ESX/ESXi host from the VMware Infrastructure Client / vSphere Client
  • You cannot stop or start a virtual machine
  • A virtual machine is shown as running in vCenter Server when it is not
  • vCenter Server shows the error:

    Virtual machine creation may fail because agent is unable to retrieve VM creation options from the host


For troubleshooting purposes, it may be necessary to restart the management agents on your ESX host. This article provides steps to restart the management agents (mgmt-vmware and vmware-vpxa) directly on ESX or ESXi.
This article applies to ESX/ESXi 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x.
Caution: Restarting the management agents may impact any tasks that may be running on the ESX or ESXi host at the time of the restart. For more information about identifying tasks running on an ESX or ESXi host, see Collecting information about tasks in VMware ESX and ESXi (1013003).
For related information, see Using ESXi Shell in ESXi 5.x (2004746).


Restarting the Management agents on ESXi

To restart the management agents on ESXi:
  1. Connect to the console of your ESXi host.
  2. Press F2 to customize the system.
  3. Log in as root.
  4. Use the Up/Down arrows to navigate to Restart Management Agents.

    Note: In ESXi 4.1 and ESXi 5.x, this option is available under Troubleshooting Options.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Press F11 to restart the services.
  7. When the service has been restarted, press Enter.
  8. Press Esc to log out of the system.
From Local Console or SSH:
  1. Log in to SSH or Local console as root.
  2. Run this command:

    ./sbin/ restart
Note: For more information about restarting the management service on an ESXi host, see Service mgmt-vmware restart may not restart hostd (1005566).

Restarting the Management agents on ESX

To restart the management agents on an ESX host:
  1. Log into your ESX host as root from either an SSH session or directly from the console.
  2. Run this command:

    service mgmt-vmware restart

    Caution: Ensure Automatic Startup/Shutdown of virtual machines is disabled before running this command or you risk rebooting the virtual machines. For more information, see Restarting hostd (mgmt-vmware) on ESX hosts restarts hosted virtual machines where virtual machine Startup/Shutdown is enabled (1003312) and Determining whether virtual machines are configured to autostart (1000163).
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Run this command:

    service vmware-vpxa restart
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Type logout and press Enter to disconnect from the ESX host.
    If this process is successful, it appears as:
    [root@server]# service mgmt-vmware restart
    Stopping VMware ESX Server Management services:
    VMware ESX Server Host Agent Watchdog [ OK
    VMware ESX Server Host Agent [ OK ]
    Starting VMware ESX Server Management services:
    VMware ESX Server Host Agent (background) [ OK ]
    Availability report startup (background) [ OK ]
    [root@server]# service vmware-vpxa restart
    Stopping vmware-vpxa: [ OK ]
    Starting vmware-vpxa: [ OK ]
    Note: If there are failures listed:
    If starting or stopping the management agent fails try restarting it a second time. If the issue continues to exist after trying the steps in this article: