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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Virtual Machine World ID Changes When Resetting or Powering Off Through the Remote Console (1137)


Why does my virtual machine's ID (world ID) change if I press the reset or power off button on the remote console?


If you reset, or power off and then power on a virtual machine through the remote console, then ESX Server assigns a new virtual machine ID (or world ID) to this virtual machine. ESX Server doesn't retain the ID previously assigned to this virtual machine.
This behavior is similar to powering off, then powering on, an application in a Windows or Linux machine. In each case, the operating system assigns a new process ID (PID) to the newly started application.
To retain the same ID for a virtual machine, restart the virtual machine by using Restart in Windows or the reboot command in Linux. By performing this soft reset, you avoid changing the virtual machine's ID.