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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Configure Auto-Refresh in vSphere Web Client Server 5.5

A common piece of feedback that I have heard regarding the vSphere Web Client experience is that it does not automatically refresh the screen. This is a change from the vSphere C# Client where it will automatically refresh the inventory, but of course there is some overhead associated with this refresh as it needs to pull the latest data from the vCenter Server. However, with the latest vSphere Web Client 5.5, you can now enable auto-refresh using an advanced configuration (by default it is disabled). Before you enable this, do note that this can alter the performance of your environment and be aware this will prevent the session from automatically logging out if you have configured an idle session timeout.

To enable auto-refresh, you will need to locate the following configuration file /var/lib/vmware/vsphere-client/ on the VCSA (there should also be an equivlent on Windows version of vSphere Web Client Server)

By default the auto-refresh is disabled, to enable it, you will need to un-comment the following configuration parameter and set the number of seconds to auto-refresh:

refresh.rate = # of seconds