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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

SRM Installation Step by Step

VMware® vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager™ is a disaster recovery solution that provides automated orchestration and non-disruptive testing of centralized recovery plans.

1. Double Click on SRM Installer to Start the Installation

2. On Welcome Screen Click on Next

3. Click on Next on Vmware Patent Agreement Screen

4. Click on Next on Vmware License Agreement Screen after Accepting the License Agreement

5. Select the destination folder and Click on Next

6. If you want to use Vmware native replication method VR then select Install vSphere Replication and Click on Next

7. Provide the details of that vCenter Server with whom you want to integrate SRM and then Click on Next

 8. Click on Yes to accept the Self Sign Certificate

9. Select Automatically generate a Certificate to Generate Self Sign Certificate

10. Specify Organization Name and OU name for Certificate and then Click on Next

11. Provide the SRM related Information and then Click on Next

12. Provide the database related Information and then Click on Next

13. Click on Install

14. Click on Finish

15. Install the SRM Plugin for vSphere Client