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Monday, 15 September 2014

How to Copy Sysprep Files from Windows OS Machine to vCenter Server Appliance?

Here is the demonstration of how to copy sysprep files from Windows OS Machine to vCenter Server Appliance. But when you need to copy the sysprep files at vCenter Server? These are requirements:-
1. When attempting to customize the deployment of a virtual machine, the radio buttons are disabled (grayed out).

2. When a virtual machine is deployed from a template, the SID is always the same, despite the fact that you chose the option to generate a new SID during template deployment and guest operating system customization.
3. When attempting to create a new virtual machine from a template in vCenter Server,you see the error:

Warning: Windows customization resources were not found on this server

4. In the guestcust.log file, you see the error:

deploy doesn't contain known sysprep files

When you ignore the errors, the virtual machine deployment does not get customized

For More Info refer this KB


First Method:- By using WinSCP tool
1.  Open WinSCP tool > provide the details of your vcenter server like given here in screenshot

2.  Then Drag and drop the files
Second Method:- By Using vCenter Server Appliance Configuration Interface
1. Open the vCenter Server Appliance Configuration Interface by using
2. Then click on the upload button
3. Then click on these buttons:-
4. Then select all the sysprep files one by one to upload them