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Friday, 26 September 2014

How to do the Initial Configuration of vCloud Automation Center Appliance(vCAC) 6.0? -Part1

vCloud Automation Center is a software product for unified cloud management.

vCloud Automation Center provides administrators with the ability to provision and configure storage, network and compute resources across multiple platforms. It also allows administrators to automate application delivery and simplify the deployment of multi-tiered applications while managing multi-vendor and multi-cloud infrastructures.

1. After deploying the vCAC appliance then connect with the VAMI of this appliance to configure it. Type the https://vCAC<vCloudAutomationCenterApplianceFQDN>:5480 to configure the vCAC Appliance
username = admin
password = vmware
2. Change the default Password of admin user

3. Configure the NTP server

4. Configure the right time zone now
 5. Check the CAFE hostname is showing your vCAC appliance is resolved to correct name or not

6. Generate the Self Sign Certificate for vCAC

7. Configure SSO Server for vCAC

8. Click on Yes 

 9. Configure the vCAC Database

10. Configure the vCAC License

11. Connect with Admin UI of vCAC with this URL:- https://vCAC<vCloudAutomationCenterApplianceFQDN>/shell-ui-app

12. Verify the Default domain is visible here or not