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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Change root account Password of Multiple ESXi Hosts

Today i got this question from one of my client to reset the muliple esxi hosts root account password. There are multiple ways of doing this:-
1. Through Host Profile
2. Through Power CLI Script

Through Host Profile
1. Export the Host Profile from any esxi host.

2. Edit the Exported Host Profile
 3. Keep only password change option selected and deselect the remaining options.

4. Attach the Profile with ESXi hosts or Cluster

5. Check the Profile compliance on your esxi hosts as you can see the warning message because host is not compliant according the profile settings.

6. Enter the Hosts in the Maintenance Mode

7. Click on Remediate Option

Through Power CLI Script
1. Download this powercli script zip file from here
2. Extract the contents of zip file and paste both the files in c:\Scripts directory
3. Modify esxservers.txt and replace host1 and host 2 entries with your esxi host names like shown in this screenshot

4. Open Power CLI and execute Reset_esxi_root_password.ps1 script > then press "R" to run it once > Provide Old Password and New Password as it will be requested as input > Press Enter

Bingo!!!!! It's done now all the esxi hosts root account password is changed.

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