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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Disable DRS but Save Resource Pool Hierarchy

Sometimes while troubleshooting vSphere Environment i need to disable the DRS and Enable it back, but my DRS has resource pool hierarchy with some VMs. As Resource Pools in Host Cluster can only be present if DRS is enabled, it i will DRS it will delete all the resource pools from the cluster. I don't want to document this hierarchy and  also i don't want to create all the resource pools again after enabling the DRS. VMware Introduced this feature with vSphere 5.1 web client, where you can take the snapshot of resource pool tree in the form of a file and restore it back whenever DRS is enabled again. Let's check the same with this step by step:-

To Backup Resource Pool Hierarchy
1. When you will uncheck DRS option and click on OK, you will be immediately prompted for this resource pool snapshot. Click on Yes.

2. Then you will prompted for the location for keeping this snapshot. Give any name and click on save.

To Restore Resource Pool Hierarchy 
1. Turn On the DRS.

 2. Right Click on Cluster and Click on Restore Resource Pool Tree

3. Select Resource Pool Snapshot file and click on OK.

You will get all the resource pools back in cluster as well as it will place VM's automatically in to the appropriate resource pool where these VMs were before disabling the DRS.

Note:- This procedure changes the MOID of the Resouce Pool.

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Check this KB for more info