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Saturday, 4 February 2017

.dvsdata Folder Default Location

Whenever the VM is connected with distributed vSwitch, one folder is created in its datastore with the name .dvsdata this folder is created to keep the VM port information (port information means in dvSwitch is "which port is allocated to vm").

Hierarchy of .dvsdata folder:-
         UUID of dvSwitch
                            Small file created with port number name.

Small file with port number name
This file keeps the information like port state, MTU, run time packet stats.
Updated by hostd after every 5 minutes with vds port information.
Contains the data of VM vNIC that is attached to dvSwitch.

dvsdata.db file
This file location on esxi host is /etc/vmware/dvsdata.db
It is updated by hostd after every 5 minutes
It contains the data of persistent vds ports (vmkernel)

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