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Friday, 10 February 2017

Unable to Authenticate root user in vRA Appliance VAMI Error "Server reports that it is from cimom"

I was trying to access the vRA Appliance VAMI and i was unable to root user in vRA and the error was "Server reports that it is from cimom"
This is Known Issue (KB 2103604)

Cause:- This issue occurs when the root password expires. The appliance root account password expiration is defined to be 365 days. If the password is not changed before this time passes the root user cannot log in to the Appliance management console.

  • Log in to vRA Appliance using root account
  • Execute passwd command to reset the password
passwd root 
enter new password 

This resets the password for another 365 days.

You can also extend the root password expiry date by running this command:

chage -M numOfDays root
Note: This may pose a security risk so ensure that you verify with your internal policies prior to setting.