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Thursday, 5 September 2013

VMware vSphere Storage Appliance licensing information (2002309)


This article provides licensing information about VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA).


Assigning a VSA license to vCenter Server

To assign a VSA license to vCenter Server:
Note: Ensure that you have downloaded and installed VSA on the vCenter Server.
  1. Log into vSphere Client.
  2. Click Home.
  3. Under the Administration section, click the Licensing icon.
  4. Click Manage vSphere Licenses.
  5. Click Add License Keys.

    Note: After clicking Add License Keys, you can review the license keys that you have added, as well as capacity counts, expiration dates, and labels associated with the license keys.

  6. Click Next to assign the license keys.
  7. Assign the VSA license key to the vCenter Server.

Licensing Information

When licensing VSA, consider these points:
  • VSA is licensed on a per-instance basis. Each VSA instance supports up to 3 nodes.
  • At least two nodes need to be part of a VSA deployment.
  • VSA is supported by all vSphere 5 versions.
  • There are no upgrades in VSA.
  • VSA can run with Essentials plus or higher version of vSphere.
  • VSA must be purchased for the vCenter Server edition on which it will run. The editions are:
    • vCenter Essentials (sold only with Essentials Plus)
    • vCenter Foundation
    • vCenter Server
  • If you apply the old vCenter Server license key after installing VSA, the VSA disappears.
  • You must reapply the VSA key if you upgrade from vCenter Foundation to vCenter Standard. You have to contact the Licensing Support team to get a new VSA key compatible with the new vCenter Server edition. This exchange is at no charge.
  • The vRAM used for VSA factors into your vRAM entitlement.
  • VSA must be deployed on the same vCenter Server.
  • The VSA virtual machine counts as a protected virtual machine.


How is VSA licensed?
VSA is sold per instance (similar to vCenter Server). Each instance supports up to three nodes.
How can I buy VSA?
VSA can be purchased as a standalone or with the vSphere Essentials Plus Storage bundle.
Is there an evaluation key for VSA?
Yes. VSA is part of the vSphere evaluation, which is valid for 60 days.
Can I buy more than one VSA?
Yes. You can buy more than one VSA. However, only one VSA instance is supported per vCenter Server.
What happens if I do not provide a license during VSA Manager installation?
If you do not provide a license during VSA Manager installation, the VSA is installed under evaluation.
How do I determine if the VSA license key I have is an evaluation key?
To check the license:
  1. Log in to the machine the vCenter Server is installed.
  2. Open a browser and open the link http://localhost/mob/?moid=LicenseManager.
  3. Enter the Username and Password for the vCenter Server when prompted.
  4. Under the Methods table, click DecodeLicense.
  5. Enter the license key and click Invoke Method.
Can I use VSA under evaluation with any edition of vCenter Server?
Yes. You can install VSA under evaluation with any edition of the vCenter Server. However, you cannot use a permanent license of VSA that is compatible with vCenter Server Essentials on a vCenter Server Standard. In this case, contact Licensing Support to get a new VSA key compatible with the vCenter Server edition.


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