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Thursday, 5 September 2013

vSphere 5.5 Links

VMware What’s New Links

Documentation Links

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Download Links

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ESXi Links

General Links


Installing & Upgrading

Latency Sensitive Apps

Licensing Links

Networking Links

NSX Links

Operations Management


Power Management

Scripting Links

PowerCLI 5.5 What’s New-Overview (VMware PowerCLI Blog)

SRM/vSphere Replication

Storage Links

vCenter Orchestrator

vCenter Server Links

vCenter Server Single Sign-On

vCloud Director

vCloud Hybrid Service

vFlash Links

vSAN Links

VSAN Part 1 - A first look at VSAN (Cormac Hogan)
VSAN Part 2 - What do you need to get started? (Cormac Hogan)
VSAN Part 3 - It is not a Virtual Storage Appliance (Cormac Hogan)
VSAN Part 4 – Understanding Objects and Components (Cormac Hogan)
VMworld 2013: What’s New in 5.5 – vSAN (Mike Laverick)
VSAN Observer (Punching Clouds)
vSphere 5.5: Using RVC VSAN Observer Pt1 (Punching Clouds)
vSphere 5.5: Using RVC VSAN Observer Pt2 (Punching Clouds)
VMware’s VSAN in the Home Lab (Sean Crookston)
vSphere 5.5 VSAN, Introducing Your New Storage Vendor VMware (vClouds)
VMware VSAN - Virtual SAN - How to configure (Virtual-blog)
Configure Disk Redundancy VMware VSAN - Virtual SAN (Virtual-blog)
How to quickly setup and test VMware VSAN (Virtual SAN) using Nested ESXi (Virtually Ghetto)
What’s New in VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) (VMware Tech Paper)
vSphere 5.5 Improvements Part 4 - Virtual SAN (VSAN) (Wahl Network)
What’s New in vCloud Suite 5.5: Virtual SAN (VSAN) (WoodITWork)
Introduction to VMware vSphere Virtual SAN (Yellow Bricks)
Testing vSphere Virtual SAN in your virtual lab with vSphere 5.5 (Yellow Bricks)

vSphere Data Protection

Virtual Machine

vSphere Storage Appliance

Thanks to vSphere-Land

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