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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Accessing Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) from an SSH session

You may want to access the DCUI if you want to troubleshoot issues and there are no remote management tools available, such as DRAC, iLo, or RSA, to access the ESXi host.

For this Use Any SSH Client (Putty) > Provide the ESXi IP/Name, Username and Password >

To access the DCUI from an SSH session, run this command:

# dcui

To exit the DCUI, press Ctrl+C.

Typical administration tasks includes:-
- Reset ‘root’ password
- Configure Lockdown mode
- Configure, Restart, Test and Restore the VMware ESXi Management Network
- Restart Management Agents
- Configure Keyboard
- Troubleshoot
- View System Logs
- Reset System Configuration (Factory Reset)
-  Shutdown/Restart the VMware ESXi Host

Most actions are carried out by using [F2] on the keyboard or [F11] confirm changes, along with typical options such as [Y] and [N] to various system prompts. Before carrying out any task you will be required to supply the ‘root’ password. However, the first law of security is to secure the physical server – so take care to ensure your access to ILO/RAC/BMC interfaces are properly secured. Although the VMware ESX host can be rebooted from the DCUI this is regarded as an action of last resort. If the VMware ESX hosts has running VMs these will crash, and may or may not be restarted on other hosts depending on whether they are part of a cluster.

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