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Thursday, 10 September 2015

vCenter Server 6 Appliance Installation - Nightmare Installation

Most of us are feeling that vCenter Server 6 Appliance Installation is an nightmare. To be very frank i agree with the same as well as i experience same in my test lab installation. I experienced many issues in my lab environment like some of them given below:-

1. Don’t forget to install the client integration plugin
First we need to install the VMware Client Integration 6.0 Plugin. In the vcsa folder there is the executable named VMware-ClientIntegrationPlugin-6.0.0.exe.  so i installed the plugin but still i was getting this message as shown in the screenshot given below:-

After struggling with this issue i came to know VMRC (Virtual Machine Remote Console) Plugin was missing then after the installation of plugin i was able to get the VCSA installer splash screen. But this error message was not stating anywhere that VMRC is missing.

2. Server must have at least 8GB RAM
 My test lab server was not configured with the amount of memory that is even needed for the tiny instance deployment of vCenter Server as it needs 8GB and there is no option in splash screen installer to modify this as i just want to test the deployment. So i am quite disappointed with this new installer.

But any how came to know traditional .ova file is available in the vcenter appliance iso itself and the Location is vcsa/vmware-vcsa  so i came to know finally there is a workaround for playing with this in the test lab environment.

3. Don’t forget to manually enter the DNS entries of vCenter ip

vCenter 6.0 appliance is very sensitive with the host entries on your DNS server. Double check that you have correctly entered the host name and the IP address of vCenter as well as the reverse lookup record. 

“The vCenter Server Appliance scripted installer fails if more DNS servers are provided simultaneously
The scripted installation of vCenter Server Appliance fails if you provide more than one DNS server during the installation process.

Workaround: You should use only one DNS server at a time, and after the installation has finished, you can add more DNS servers.”