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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

vSwitch Switch Policy Considerations for Nested ESXi

Recently i faced an Issue and that was related to our nested lab environment as i was not able to ping with esxi from vcenter server, vsphere client and as well as from any other machine and in the same manner my esxi host was not able to ping with any other server as well. As i cannot access the vswitch where my nested esxi was connected due to permissions was not given to me access that configuration, but i was sure there is some issue at vswitch level configuration then i asked to the person who can access the vswitch just cross check that required settings are present or not and when he cross checked he noticed that some of settings were not correct then i asked him to correct this mis-configuration and issue gets resolved so what was that mis-configuration? So the solution of this issue is given below:-

Connect to your ESXi host via vSphere client and go to the Configuration tab >Networking > double click vSwitch properties > Security Tab > change Promiscuous mode to Accept. Make sure that Promiscuous mode is set to Accept and also Forged Transmits is also set to accept (everything is set to accept, actually). If you don’t change the setting to accept you won’t be able to pass traffic through to the nested ESXi VM’s.

If you want to know why it should be enabled for this check this post of "William Lam"