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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Enabling SAML/SSO Authentication in vCloud Director 5.5

If you want to assign roles to SSO users in vCloud director then how you can achieve this, this is what i will demonstrate in this blog post:-
1. Register the SSO Server in vCloud Director. Go to System Tab > Administration > Federation > Click on Register

2. Provide the SSO Server details as mentioned in the screenshot given below. Info may vary environment to environment

3. Select Checkbox Use vSphere Single Sign On

4. After this Configure your Integrate vCenter Server to Use SSO for Authentication

5. Select Checkbox Use vSphere Services to Provide this URL

6. Now Import SSO users and assign them system administrator role

7. Select vSphere SSO option and type the usernames that you wish to import in vCloud Director for assigning System Administrator Role

 8. Now if you will use URL like https://vcd.vclass.local/cloud/ then you will automatically redirected to vSphere Web Client but once the authentication is completed again you will be redirected to vCloud Director system portal.

9. If you will try to use LDAP/AD user in this URL https://vcd.vclass.local/cloud then you will get this message as given in the screenshot, click on use integrated authentication option to login through LDAP/AD user.