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Friday, 18 December 2015

Unlock & Reset vRealize App Services a.k.a vCloud App Director darwin_user password

If you do not provide the correct password after three attempts when you use the SSH client to log in with your darwin_user account,, you are locked out of the darwin_user account.

1. Use VMRC (Virtual Machine Remote Console) to connect with the app director machine console because SSH is disable for the root account, login as root user.

 2. Check the number of failed login attempts from the UNIX shell prompt.
faillog -u <user-acct>

3. Unlock the account from the UNIX shell prompt.
faillog -u <user-acct> -r

4. Validate that the fail count is reset to zero
faillog -u <user-acct>

4. If you want to reset the password of darwin_user then run this command
passwd <user-acct>

Note:- if even after running this command you are unable to login with darwin_user then access the VMRC of the app director as root user and then access this file and modify it

vi  /etc/pam.d/common.auth

and change the value of unlock time to desired value as mentioned in the screenshot i changed this value to 1