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Thursday, 11 February 2016

PSC (Platform Service Controller) & vCenter Server Services

vCenter Server instances can be deployed in various modes, depending on the location of Platform Services Controllers:
      vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller
      vCenter Server with an external Platform Services Controller

PSC and vCenter offers number of services. Let's have a look at those services and their functions:-

You cannot distribute these vCenter Server functions across multiple servers.
         VMware vCenter Single Sign-On = To Forward the authentication requests.
         VMware License Server = Provides centralized License management
         Lookup Service For Component Registrations = It holds information of the products those are integrated.
         Certificate Authority (VMCA) = VMware CA provisions each ESXi host, each vCenter Server service, each machine in the environment, and each solution user with a certificate signed by VMware CA

         Certificate Store (VECS) = VMware Endpoint Certificate Store (VECS) serves as a local (client-side) repository for certificates, private keys, and other certificate information that can be stored in a keystore.

         VMware Directory Services (VMDIR) = It provides directory services with vSphere.local domain in this environment although from version 6 this domain name can be any name of your choice.

         vSphere Web Client = It is used to connect with vCenter and manage the vCenter by using Web Browser that is supported by VMware

         Inventory Service = It stores vCenter application and inventory data and enables you to search this data across linked vCenter Instances

         VMware vSphere Auto Deploy = It provides stateless and stateful deployments of ESXi

         vCenter Server support tool = This provides Kernel dump Collection by collecting them over the network.
         VMware vSphere Syslog Collector = This is Centralized log collection tool from vmware to redirect the multiple esxi host logs to centralized location

For more info refer VMware Documentation