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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

vCSA a.k.a vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 DCUI and vCSA Bash Shell Step by Step

In vCSA 6.0 to configure the appliance intially VAMI (that is accessed through port 5480) is not available. But this is back in vCSA 6.0 Update 1. Check the VMware Release Notes for What's new in vCSA 6.0 Update 1 from here. So in vCSA 6.0 Instead of VAMI, DCUI is available.

  • DCUI = Direct Console User Interface
  • VAMI = Virtual Appliance Management Interface

In this blogpost, i will discuss how to Use DCUI in vCSA 6.0 and How to access vCSA 6.0 Shell.

How to Use DCUI in vCSA 6.0

1. Deploy the vCSA and Power it On.
2. Open the vCSA VM Console. This is what you will get when you will access console.
F2 = To login in to the system and to customize it
F12 = To Shutdown or to Restart it 

2.  Press F2 to Login and to Customize vCSA and then provide the Username and Password

3. Once Logged in then you will get these options:-
  • Configure Root Password
  • Configure Management Network
  • Restart Management Network
  • Troubleshooting Mode Options
  • View Support Information

4. Configure Root Password is to Change the existing root user password

5. Configure Management Network is to Use Change IP, Subnet Mask, DNS & Default Gateway

6. Restart Management Network option is used to restart management network services in case you have connectivity issues with vCSA.

7. Troubleshooting Mode Options you can use to Enable/Disable SSH or Bash Shell

8. View Support Information option you can use to get some more details about vCSA

How to Use Bash Shell in vCSA 6.0

1. Enable the Bash Shell. There are two options to enable it:-
  • Either Use Troubleshooting Mode Options
  • Either Use Alt+F1 to Switch to Shell from DCUI and the execute this command shell.set --enabled True 
 Once Enabled then execute the command shell