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Saturday, 13 February 2016

What is vROPS a.k.a vCOPS?

vRealize Operations Manager (vROPS) a.k.a vCenter Operations Manager (vCOPS) is provides visibility and insights in to Capacity, Performance & Health of your environments.

Benefits of vROPS:-

1. Cloud Operations Console = It is console from where you can do the centralized management of your environment.

2. Less Administration overhead to investigate and resolve issues = It can reduce the administration overhead that is needed to investigate and resolving the issues by providing the recommendations and sometimes can provide the action button to apply those recommendations.

3. Predicitive Capacity Modeling = you can visualize changes and even schedule the prospective changes in your environent with it.

4. Integrated Compliance = Once vSphere solution is integrated with vROPS it provides the hardening guide with vSphere solution as well and due to this auto integration of hardening guide it can generate alert symptoms. Although you can create custom symptoms as well.

5. Better Operations Visibility = Once vSphere Solution or any other solution is integrated with vROPS, it provides the visibility across all the layers of the infrastructure in the form of Health, Risk and Efficiency category.

6. Management Pack for All Domains = It provides management pack for all the domains like Cloud, Virtual, Application, Storage, Networking etc. For more info you can refer Management Pack is the way of integrating a solution with vROPS.

In the upcoming blog posts i will try to give more info about these features. Stay tuned for the more updates.