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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Error Message When Maximum VMware Snapshots Levels has been reached

If you have reached 32 Levels of snapshots including base disk (this means 31 snapshots) in a single tree depth, you won't be able to take more snapshots of that VM. Here is error message that you will see "Snapshot hierarchy is too deep":-

Note:- You can revert your machine to first snapshot again and start creating the new tree (In each tree you will have same tree depth limit). But in a single VM you can take hundreds of snapshot. 

In vSphere Web Client:-

 In vSphere Client:-

Here i took 31 snapshots and for the 32nd Snapshot (In a Single Tree-Depth) i got the error message as shared above "Snapshot hierarchy is too deep":-

I reverted my machine back to Snapshot 1 and then took the snapshot again to start building the new tree, and guess it worked. Again i reach to the maximum snapshot tree depth limit. In that way one can have hundreds of snapshots in single VM.

How to Limit the Maximum Number of Snapshots in a VM
1. Modify the VM Configuration File either through CLI or GUI. In this demo i used GUI (vSphere Web Client)
2. Right Click on the VM > Edit Settings > VM Options Tab > Expand Advanced > Edit Configuration > Add New Entry > snapshot.maxSnapshots = n > Click on Add > Click on OK.

3. Now try to take more than one snapshot. You will see following error message "An error occurred while taking a snapshot: Exceeded the maximum number of permitted snapshots":-

I hope this is helpful for everyone

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