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Friday, 28 July 2017

Where is -Flat.vmdk in VMware vSAN Datastore?

vSAN Datastore is object-based storage, In this object-based storage few files of the VM does not exist. Example is -Flat.vmdk and -Delta.vmdk. You can explore the VM folder in vSAN Datastore but you will get only .vmdk files for original vHDD and for Snapshots. Here is screenshots that i captured of two different VMs, one is placed in vSAN datastore and another one is placed in VMFS datastore.

In this, i explored the .vmdk file of two different VMs and you can see the difference. In vSAN Datastore it is pointing to an object, on the other hand in VMFS Datastore it is pointing to an -flat.vmdk file.

VM Placed in vSAN Datastore 
 VM Placed in VMFS Datastore

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